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Beach Love Candles

Cucumber Melon Candle

Cucumber Melon Candle

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Bring the refreshing scent of a beach vacation into your home with our Cucumber Melon Candle. This clear candle features sand and shells at the bottom, adding a touch of seaside charm to any room.

What sets our candle apart from others on the market is its incredibly long burn time. You'll be able to enjoy this delightful scent for hours on end, making it ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere during lazy afternoons or romantic evenings.

The fragrance profile of this candle is simply divine - you'll fall in love with its white flower bouquet that incorporates notes of cyclamen, lily of the valley and jasmine. Hints of apple and watermelon add sweetness and brightness to the mix while musky undertones create a sense of depth that will transport you instantly to your favourite beach destination.

Whether you're looking for an indulgent treat for yourself or searching for an unforgettable gift idea, our Cucumber Melon Candle delivers on all counts: it's beautiful, heavenly scented and long-lasting - what more could you ask? Order yours today!

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