Sticky Roller Tips & Tricks

Do I Need a Bucket Like the Demo?

No bucket needed! Just hold my head under running warm-hot water, add a tiny dot of blue Dawn® detergent, and use your hand to slide the debris right off into your hand. Then drop that yucky stuff into the trash!
Did you miss the demo? You can watch it here!

Does Sticky Roller Work on Hard Floors?

I love a good clean-up session! I’m great for quick pick-ups of sand, dirt, crumbs, craft messes, and bits that accumulate in high traffic areas.  Every surface is different, so always test me on an inconspicuous spot to be sure.
Wood: I’m so sticky, I’m known to pull up varnish – so run me over a throw rug or upholstery to make me less sticky before using on wood floors.
Tile & Laminate:  I’ve got you covered!  If I stick too much, just run me over carpet first to make me less sticky then roll away!

Is Sticky Roller Safe to Use on My Wool Pressing Mat?

Yes! I’m super good at picking up threads that are stuck to your wool mat.

Is Sticky Roller Good for Dusting Ceiling Fans?

I don’t recommend it.
Sometimes the “wood” grain on fans is actually printed paper. I’m so sticky I’d pull it right off, and no one wants bald spots on their fan blades!
If I get stuck and you have to pull me loose, I can throw the balance of your fan out of whack. Yikes.

Can I Use Sticky Roller on My Design Wall?

I loooooove flannel! And felt! Roll away, baby!
BUT if your design wall is made of batting I will make a big mess. So don’t use me on batting, please!

Can I Use Sticky Roller On Walls?

Please don’t! My extra stickiness has been known to peel paint off walls and the finish off paneling. I do my best work on fabric surfaces and carpets!

What If My Sticky Roller is Too Sticky?

Sometimes you don’t need ALL of my sticky awesomeness. Roll me over a little bit of lint or any upholstered surface to make me less sticky.

Where Should I Store My Sticky Roller?

As a rule, we’re not picky roommates. A drawer or hook out of direct sunlight is prime living quarters for your Sticky Roller friends.
We live to help, so keep one handy in each room for quick clean ups and continuous rolling for bigger jobs. Speaking of bigger jobs, try our Large Sticky Roller for faster household pick-ups!

How Do I Keep Lint Out of the Drain?

Lint down the drain can be a pain, especially after a marathon cleaning session. My friends like to use drain screens to catch what I pick up. You can find them for cheap at your local dollar store or big mart. After you’ve given me a nice bath, simply empty the screen into the compost pile or trash bin and, voila!, a drain your plumber would be proud of.
Do you have a favorite Sticky Roller trick or tip? We’d love to hear it!

Which Fabrics Can Sticky Roller Be Used On?

“Versatility” is my middle name! I love rolling around in cotton, corduroy, micro suede, fleece, wool, denim, knits, velour, tweed, polyester, spandex, felted wool, felt, and flannel to name a few. I also work great on suede jackets, hats, and boots!
With any lint roller it’s always a good idea to test first on a small hidden area, just to be safe. Some synthetics are loosely woven and rolling can cause bald spots. Yikes!
Where you do use your Sticky Roller? We’d love to see! Tag us #thestickyroller #picksupeverythingbutthekitchensink

Why Isn’t My Sticky Roller Coming Clean?

My eco-friendly design makes clean up a snap with hot water (not too hot) and a little rubbing. If your Sticky Roller isn’t coming clean, add a drop of blue Dawn® detergent and rub in one direction to remove lint and debris from your roller. I love a good massage!
Still having trouble? I’m backed by the best guarantee ever. Contact us and we’ll get a replacement head to you quicker than you can say “picks up everything but the kitchen sink!”
Learn more about our amazing guarantee

1. Wash your roller with hot (not scalding) water. Scrub with your hand.
2. Rinse.
3. Pat dry with lint-free towel that has not been treated with fabric softener.
4. Occasionally wash roller with (blue) Dawn® dish detergent to remove oils and restore stickiness.
The Best Guarantee Around!
If washing with blue Dawn® does not restore stickiness, simply contact us for prompt replacement of the sticky head. Easy peasy!