The Sticky Roller

PICKS UP EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK!                                                            They say you only have 5 seconds to grab people's attention, so deep breath here's what you should know:
    ◦    I am ultrasonically sealed. So nada and zilch on the drips or leaks! P.S. - I'm the only one on the market like this!
    ◦    I'm wash and go - no need to take me apart first
    ◦    I'm eco-friendly - fewer wads of paper with toxic glue going into the landfill
    ◦    I don't use papers, so no wadding, tearing, or sticking to your pants when you walk into work
    ◦    My boss backs my stickiness with the best guarantee out there
    ◦    I bring personal care and attention from real people in the USA
    1    Wash your roller with hot (not scalding) water. Scrub with your hand.
    2    Rinse.
    3    Pat dry with lint-free towel that has not been treated with fabric softener.
    4    Occasionally wash roller with (blue) Dawn® dish detergent to remove oils and restore stickiness.
    •    The Best Guarantee Around!

If washing with blue Dawn® does not restore stickiness, simply contact us for prompt replacement of the sticky head