Beach Love Budle Box

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I am so happy to announce our new and re-designed Beach Love Bundle Box

Boxes are $25.00 each With an introductory special, buy one for yourself and send one to a friend for $10 off.

We have partnered with some amazing companies to bring you a beautiful box of USA small business handmade products.

Pictured here is our July Bundle Box. All boxes are filled with our crinkle cut paper filler which is made in the USA and eco-friendly.

😍Now onto the amazing vendors that are included in this July Beach Love Bundle Box 😍 We fully rerecommendnd stand by the products and companies that make these!

@beach_love_candles Will be including 2 of our 4th of July teaser candles with layered red white and blue sands and our custom Beach Love fragrance.
Beach Love will also be including Beach theme stickers, one lavender sachet, one keychain, and one piece of Fourth of July jewelry.

Lip Balm & a Lotion Bar by @ohsosoftlotionbars Will be some of your new favorite products! The fragrances are so amazing♥️

@sweetgreenscbd has included some awesome CBD soap bars and handmade keychains for this July box! It was hard to decide on products from them as they carry so I’m many amazing thing’s!

enjoy some sample teabags from @emoteasco ! One of my new favorites! has some amazing jewelry designs although they’re not uploaded on their Instagram page yet. The company is run by a 13-year-old entrepreneur and she does some very good work!
last but not least @neptuneshairandbeard Has some amazing hair and beard oil for that special man in your life! Their business is vet owns and products are also USA made 🇺🇸